Set up: $5 Monthly: $5.95

The Mini account is perfect for auction image hosting.

100MB/day Transfer (3GB/month)
+ Use as much bandwidth as you need we drop the highest day from the usage calculation
+ Over-usage costs 40 cents for each MB increase in the daily average that works out to less than 2 cents per megabyte transferred

100MB Disk Space

+ Plenty of space for your site and supporting documents
+ Over-usage costs 10 cents for each MB increase in the daily average- 1 Mailbox
+ Add even more for only $1/month per mailbox

Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding, Aliases and Auto-Responders

+ Control advanced e-mail options in your web-based management console

Junk E-Mail Filtering

+ Advanced Junk E-Mail Filtering using reliable open-source software set a sensitivity level -- light through very-aggressive add subject or header flags (quickly identify junk) create whitelists or blacklists (to allow or deny specific addresses)

Web-Based E-mail –

+ Secure access to your e-mail boxes from anywhere

Access by FTP

+ Update your files via FTP Secure FTP (SFTP) is available

First-Rate Support

+ Our e-mail technical staff is available 24/7/365. Urgent issues are usually responded to within 30 minutes

Log (web stats) Analysis Tools

+ Analog and Webalizer are available in the Account Control Center
+ Access to the raw logs (to process with your log analyzing program)
+ Error log information available in the Account Control Center
+ Disk and Bandwidth Usage available daily in the Account Control Center

Account Control Center to Manage Your Services

+ Control virtually every aspect of your account securely

Server and Network Monitoring

+ Every server is monitored for uptime and service quality if a server fails or goes off line, it's repaired or replaced quickly
+ Our network is monitored and maintained every minute of every day our multi-redundant network helps prevent outages or slow-downs


+ Users are able to control their own data backups and restores
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